Santa Barbara County CAER

A Nonprofit Focusing on Emergency Response and Occupational Health


Promoting Emergency Preparedness Since 1991

Welcome to CAER

Community Awareness and Emergency Response is an organization initiated by the industry and designed to help assure emergency preparedness and foster community right-to-know for hazardous materials. CAER is intended to serve facilities that handle acutely hazardous materials, high-risk facilities such as those required to complete Risk Management Plans (RMPs), facilities handling significant quantities of hazardous materials, government agencies, and other organizations with compatible goals. Santa Barbara County CAER has additionally expanded its goal to encompass “all-risk” emergency planning and disaster preparedness to serve its members and the community with the full resources of its knowledge base.


CAER was started by the Chemical Manufacturers Association in 1985

As a voluntary program for member companies. It has evolved into a program that encompasses a broad spectrum of facilities that handle hazardous materials and respond to emergency incidents.

Since its inception in 1991, SB County CAER has grown into an “all-risk” mitigation organization. CAER’s original charter centered around the proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. CAER’s members understand that the same steps used to mitigate the hazards associated with such materials and waste can also be applied to the mitigation of hazards from earthquake, fire, flooding, civil unrest, workplace violence, and any other foreseeable incident or emergency.

Even though the scope of CAER has grown to encompass more than just hazardous materials and waste management, the original CAER charter still applies:

Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) education, planning, and preparedness.